How To Love Yourself (14 Simple Steps)

Struggling with my mental health and struggling with depression and anxiety can feel overwhelming.  It turns out that finding a way back to being happy isn’t as impossible as it feels. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a happier, healthier way of being. 

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Quit comparing yourself to everyone else

We tend to compete socially. It is natural to compare ourselves to others. But thinking this way can be unhealthy and dangerous. There is no point in comparing yourself to anyone else on the planet, every single one of us is different. Instead, redirect your thinking to the good things in life. The change in energy alone will help you feel free. 



Stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking

stop worrying

Don’t worry about what the community thinks or expects of you. You can’t make everyone happy. It’s a waste of time and makes you feel miserable. If someone doesn’t like you, that’s their negative reaction and their problem. Don’t let it become yours. 


You’re allowed to make mistakes

Make Mistakes

From an early age, we are told again and again: “Nobody is perfect; everyone is wrong.” But the older you get, the more stress you will feel. Make your move! Make mistakes so that you can learn from them and grow from them. Embrace your past. You are constantly evolving from who you once were to what you are now, and one day you will be. 

So forget about the voice telling you to be perfect in your head. Make a mistake – lots of them! The lessons you learn are priceless. 


Your body appearance doesn’t equate to personal value

body beautiful

This is essential! Many things in the world want to distract you from this powerful truth. Sometimes even your inner sexism justifies your inappropriate beliefs. You are valuable because of who you are inside, not because of your body. 


Avoid toxic people at all costs

toxic people

Everyone is responsible for the energy they put into the world. If someone brought toxic energy into your life and took no responsibility for it, this means you should stay away from them. Don’t be afraid to do this. It’s liberating and essential, even if it’s unbearable. 


Face your fears

Facing Fears

Fear is natural. Don’t ignore your fears – understand them. This healthy exercise can help improve your mental health rather quickly. By questioning and evaluating your fears, you can gain clarity and discover problems in your life that have caused your fears. This, in turn, can alleviate some, if not all, of your fears. 


Have confidence that you will make the right choice

Have confidence

Although most of us know what is best in our hearts, we often lack confidence in ourselves and our ability to do what is right. You know yourself better than anyone, so you are your own expert. 


Take advantage of every moment of life


The opportunity for the next big step in life may not be perfect. The situation may never feel like it’s ideal, but it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. Step outside of your comfort zone, try new things, and open your mind to what is happening around you. 


Look out for yourself first

Celebrate yourself

Don’t feel bad about putting yourself ahead of someone else. This is especially true of women. There is a time and a place to put the needs of others ahead of your own, but it shouldn’t become a habit that affects your sense of well-being. 

Find time to decompress. Whether you’re spending a day in bed or spending time outdoors, find something to help you relax and spend time taking care of yourself first. 


It’s okay to feel joy or pain

Feeling pain

Let yourself be heard. Trust the pain, enjoy the joy, and don’t limit your feelings. Feelings like fear, pain, and joy help you understand yourself, and eventually, you will realize that they don’t own you. Instead, you acknowledge and control the pain or happiness you are feeling. Embrace it, even if it’s uncomfortable. 


Be brave in public

Be brave

Get in the habit of saying what you think. Boldness is like a muscle; the more effort you put in, the bigger it gets. Don’t wait for permission to sit at a table of your peers. Join the discussion. Share your thoughts. Work and know that your voice is as important as that of others. 

Beauty is all around us – embrace it

embrace beauty

Try to see at least one beautiful little thing around you each day. Make a list of everything you’re thankful for. Gratitude is not just about thinking about how lucky we are; it’s also about finding happiness in the reflection of our good fortune. I realize this isn’t easy as it sounds, but trust me, everyone has at least one thing to be grateful for. 

Gift yourself with kindness


The world is full of harsh perceptions and criticism. Do not make this your focus each day. Be kind to yourself. How can we expect others to be kind to us if we cannot afford ourselves the same courtesy? 


Some parting thoughts for you to reflect on

Proud of you

Does all of this sound easier said than done? Consider this. You’re here; you’re trying to broaden your mind and raise your level of happiness. That isn’t something most people are willing to do. Yet here you are, doing it successfully. I’m proud of you.